Hand & Hair Dryers

Cleanmate Hand DryerWe provide a variety of hand and hair dryers which are hygienic, cost effective and fast. They’re also being kind to the environment with no waste. Dryers do not require regular maintenance visits, but can be checked and fully serviced whenever necessary.

We offer several different types of warm air dryers, which take just 12 seconds to dry your hands or face. We can offer standard, compact and fast dryers, as well as specific eco-friendly options – so you can choose which suits you best. Our standard range of warm air dryers are available in white and chrome.

We can also provide the ultimate fast dryer, the Dyson Airblade. This dryer literally scrapes water from the hands in just 10 seconds, using 80% less energy than a standard warm air dryer.

Hair Dryers

Cleanmate Hair Dryer

Hair dryers are ideal for hotel and leisure environments. They are a simple way for you to offer extra convenience & luxury. Our first option is a basic white unit, which is free to use. Our second option is a luxury stainless steel vari-speed dryer with built in vanity mirror. This can either be free to use or coin operated according to your preference.

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