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With years of experience behind us we recognise the key reasons customers switch from their current providers to Cleanmate Ltd.

Meeting with potential clients and asking the right questions has allowed us to deliver value to their work place when they switch.

Most of our clients have said before moving over to us they have struggled to find a provider that delivers what has been promised.

Some of the regular problems they have experienced and shared with us are:

- Staff cutting time and leaving sooner than agreed

- No clear structure or schedule for cleaning staff to follow causing inconsistencies with cleaning standards

- Staff absent on a regular basis with no cover in place

- Lack of regular communication or no communication from cleaning provider

These are just a few of the regular problems that occur with cleaning providers but we simplify the process and deliver a solution that’s clear and transparent. For example:

Problem Solution
Staff cutting time and leaving sooner than agreed GPS Tracking system with real time feed
No clear structure or schedule Onsite training with clear schedule
Regular Staff absences Staff members always on standby to fill in absences
Lack of regular communication or no communication Allocated account manager with regular scheduled visits to suit you


You can arrange for one of our team to visit your premises and provide you with a quotation that will be valid for one whole year so there really is no pressure to make a decision quickly. We are happy to be your next in line provider should something not work out with your current provider.

We are ready when you are ready and providing there are no structural changes to your premises or major changes in staff levels we will update your quotation after one year and forward to the appropriate contact.

Simply fill out the form to the right of this page and we will do the rest.

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